We offer state of the art surveillance systems as part of our extensive portfolio. Our high quality, high resolutions cameras and easy to use interfaces are something you just can't get with an "all in the box" system from the store.

With more and more break-ins, robberies, vandalisms, and civil liabilities becoming commonplace, having the ability to monitor your premises in real time, as well as view recorded footage is a great addition to a traditional intrusion alarm.

We offer systems up to and beyond 4K resolution, with support for multiple sites and users. Combined with networked audio, mobile notification, and access control (door locks and property access),  surveillance becomes the strong-arm security you need.  Additional components such as radar detection, license plate and facial recognition, bring a whole new level of information to your fingertips. Not only can you find footage of every time a customer visited your premises, real-time alerts notify you if a VIP arrives, or if a suspicious person enters your property.  Say goodbye to countless hours of searching through recorded videos, say hello to instant identification.

Real-time analytics give you a whole new insight into your business. Identify a customers' age, gender and ethnicity, how many people entered and exited your property, how long they visited your business, even how long they waited in line and how much time they spent at certain displays. Track your sales in relation to your traffic.  Our systems provide intelligence and useable business metrics to aid and guide your operations.

We'll customize the system for exactly what you need. A camera is no longer "just a camera." A complete surveillance system with intelligence puts you in control of every aspect of your operations.

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