Information and data services are complex.  Whether it's Cybersecurity, Network Infrastructure, Wifi, Servers, Remote Access/VPN, or Datacenters, we can design, build, and manage it all.

It used to be simple. Just plug in an off the shelf wireless router or mesh, set a password, and you're off to the races. That kind of setup doesn’t work in today's complex technology world.  More so, it doesn't really provide you with the reliable and enjoyable experience you’re looking for.

Given the size and construction of your facility, a distributed wired wifi with multi gigabit speeds along with a wired copper and fiber network is the standard in this high-tech era.  Point-to-point wifi and Point-to-MultiPoint wifi allow for high-speed long distance communication for private and public networks.  Proper planning based on building characteristics and the number of users is key to a reliable system. Proper cooling, electrical, design, and access controls and security are paramount to high quality scalable networks.

Cybersecurity is even more important.  Computers receive constant security updates.  Your firewall is the main security guard to your digital world.  Shouldn't your security guard have the latest information on a regular basis? Modern self healing and self defending networks are always up to date.  Locks on your doors can be picked unless constantly monitored.  Cybersecurity appliances are that constant monitor.  With connected appliances, mobile devices, entertainment systems, computers, and visitors constantly talking in and out of your network, keeping your digital world secure is top priority.

Hacking and malware are far more of a threat than someone physically breaking into your premises. Viruses’ and malware that come from popular websites and images and are not typically caught or protected by traditional antivirus software. With technology and connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices relying heavily on a solid network, it’s important to have a properly engineered system with the right hardware. This give you the peace of mind that your system always works, while keeping hackers and malicious (and invisible) attacks at bay.

Take the guesswork out of proper data systems and security.  We've got the solutions to ensure you stay up and running when you need it the most: all the time.

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