System Integration

As technology evolves and becomes more complex, so does interoperability.  We specialize in systems that work reliably and harmoniously.

Intelligent Surveillance

Keeping watch over your property and personnel is vital in this high-tech era.  We specialize in reliable video, audio, biosurveillance and access control.

Managed Services

Everyone needs tech services.  Finding the right person to support it all can be overwhelming and costly. It doesn't need to be.  We'll manage it for you.

Data Services

Information services are complex.  Whether it's Cybersecurity, Network Infrastructure, Wifi, Servers, Remote Access/VPN, or Datacenters, we can design, build, and manage it all.

Entertainment Systems & A/V

From home audio and cinema, to conference rooms, movie theaters and performing arts centers, we serve them all. Site-wide entertainment is no longer just for the rich and famous.


Engineering & Project Management

There's more to connecting technology together than simply plugging it in.  The real work behind the scenes is what  you don't see.  Whether you're building a new facility or reutilizing the space you have, planning and engineering is vital to ensuring your system does what you want it to do.  We take the guesswork out of "plug and pray" by ensuring it's done right the first time.

Smart Buildings & Automation

Connected building have benefits ranging from saving money on utilities to cutting maintenance costs.  Automated lighting, window shades, HVAC, and security allow for building that can lower operating costs while allowing the building to "defend itself." Remotely control and monitor your facilities so you're never surprised by unexpected events or emergencies.

Smart Buildings

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