Tech services in the nick of time

Nick of Time is a full service system integration technology company providing services to businesses and residences alike.

Technology is ingrained into every aspect of our lives.  In our homes, our vehicles, and in our pockets.  Try as you might, there's no escaping it.  We're here to help you understand and embrace it.

We're not your average tech company.  By joining together IT, audio, video, automation, and cybersecurity, we provide extremely reliable advanced systems that are easy to use.  From start to finish, we manage every aspect of the project to ensure you get what you need.

At Nick of Time, we connect you with your devices, while taking the guesswork and complexities off your hands.  Your job is to enjoy your technology, our job is to make sure you can always do your job.

When you have technology needs, we'll have them taken care of in the Nick of Time!


System Integration

As technology evolves and becomes more complex, so does interoperability.  We specialize in systems that work reliably and harmoniously.

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Intelligent Surveillance

Keeping watch over your property and personnel is vital in this high-tech era.  We specialize in reliable video, audio, biosurveillance and access control.

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Managed Services

Everyone needs tech services.  Finding the right person to support it all can be overwhelming and costly. It doesn't need to be.  We'll manage it for you.

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